Grief Nurturing

How is Grief connected to Honoring?

One only grieves what is loved and yearned for which in itself is an expression of love.

As a Soul Midwife, Shaman & Nature Guide I offer support and workshops individuals, families and groups around endings and grief.

There’s a need for culturally specific grief holding and I stand in creating safe spaces for grief to be unpacked in safe supported environments.

Grief In The Calabash are Grief Honoring sessions. To be as accessible as possible there are varied sessions ~ Online, Face2face, Community & Family.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our hosted Grief Honoring Sessions send an expression of interest HERE.

Grief Aftercare

Aftercare is an important process. It can take years to work through our grief although the time is takes is not our concern here. We encourage a focus on paying attention to your grief, listening and nurturing grief to prevent it from getting stuck and becoming a problem in the body and mind. This can become toxic grief which is all too common in our western corporate civilized societies who have given no place for grief.

Energy Balance and ReAlignment (EBR) sessions can assist with working though grief energy that needs balancing. For more information on this click HERE

DIMENSIONS OF GRIEF ~ online Loss Cafe

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